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Tuesday, July 11th 2006

10:22 AM

Time flies...

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…when you’re a new mommy.

So, the last time I blogged--many, many months ago (sorry!)--I was yammering on and on about the construction of our new addition, which, by the way, is gorgeous. Well, little did I know that my "reading" room would morph into a playroom for our new daughter.

Elizabeth Anne (Annie) was born in late January, coming into our lives with less than two weeks notice. Matter of fact, the phone call came the day after my last blog, and I was at her birthmother’s side, holding her hand, as Annie was delivered via c-section.

My husband and I had waited for four years in the hope that someday we’d be able to adopt. Thanks to a wonderful woman who chose to place her daughter with us, we’re now the proud parents of an amazing little girl who is the light of our lives.

Here I am on Mother’s Day. A bit happy looking, don’t you think?

The past six months have flown by, and while I’ve been keeping up with my writing (barely), I certainly disappeared off the radar screen online. That being said, I’m going to attempt to kick things back into gear now that I have this new mommy thing completely under control. (That was a joke, by the way…ha ha)

My next four Intrigues are lined up and just about ready to go, starting this September with Without A Doubt. Some cover, eh?

I’m thrilled to be writing a book in an upcoming Intrigue continuity set in Colorado, and I’ve been asked to be part of a Christmas 2007 anthology with Jasmine Cresswell. To say I’m honored by both of these developments would be a major understatement. So, things are busy, and I’ll be catching you up with everything that’s going on.

For now, I’ve got to run. Annie’s learning to crawl and I can see things are about to change…again. LOL

Happy reading and warmest wishes!

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